Spring Lacrosse Starts Up!


Photo by Hiba Shaikh

The girls lacrosse team is getting ready for a great season.

New season. New opportunities. New starts.

Kinnelon High School girls and boys lacrosse teams gear up for another spring sports season. The girls lacrosse team not only starts off with a new spring season but with a new coach.

“Coming in as a new coach I am looking forward to starting off fresh,” said Coach Megan Madison. “We are really trying to push these girls, and I know there is a lot of talent on this team.” She continues on to say, “We have a lot of young talent coming up if everyone works hard and works together, winning is gonna be a really attainable goal.”

Sophomore Jillian Lockwood said, “I just really can’t wait for the rush I get when I’m on the field.” She continued on to say, “I also think it’s safe to say that the connections I build with the girls help our chemistry on the field.”

When asked what senior Olivia Fiuza was looking forward to this season, she enthusiastically replied, “Well, I’m just excited to get on the field with my teammates and win our way to the top with hard work!”

Freshmen Abby Sullivan added on, “The chemistry with the girls feels good, we all cheer each other on and motivate each other.” She also said some ways they support each other is by “writing the numbers of other players on our legs during game days.”

Junior Emily also agrees that “the best part of lacrosse is being on the field with my teammates and cheering each other on.” While the girl’s lacrosse team has strong team connections, they aren’t the only ones that build bonds over the years.

As for the boys lacrosse team, freshman Logan Klein comments, “We build strong and close connections because we all have one goal, to win,” agreeing with this statement sophomore Devon Diamante says,“My teammates and I have really great chemistry so we know what we are going to do when we are on the field.”

His teammate, junior Chris Metz, comments,“ We build very strong friendships.” All in all, the boys and girls lacrosse teams will continue to work hard and bond with their fellow teammates throughout this spring season.