Some Students See Dress Code as Dilemma


Photo by Hiba Shaikh

Elyse Shouldis poses with her ripped jeans.

The endless controversy of perceived discriminations against girls and what they wear in compliance with the dress code has been a battle fought for years. Many dress codes have made points in order to further strengthen a side of choice; however, since it is such a sensitive topic, getting to understand the voice of the students currently experiencing punishment for dress code violations is crucial.

After asking a series of questions concerning dress code to not only students (boys and girls) but teachers as well, freshman John Galascio commented, “I feel that male students have no idea what the dress code consists of.”

While he may say this, administrator Vincent Shivas states, “I feel that the dress code is equally applied.  When the staff notices something in violation or questionable, regardless if it’s a male or female,  they give the information to the administration and it is dealt with.”

Although administrators may feel that the dress code is placed equally, many do not even know what the dress code looks like. Freshman Alexa Sales says, “Students need to know what the dress code looks like, and I don’t think the school is doing a good job of informing students.”

Many others feel that KHS dress code laws are not as strict, such as freshman Haripriya Kemisetti.“I feel that our school in comparison to other schools isn’t that bad.” While bringing up a good point other students still have a problem with not knowing exactly what the dress code consists of.

Freshmen Zach Krupski says that he “wouldn’t know what the dress code is about,” which yet again shows the frustration that may come from students who were not informed about the dress code in the first place.

Vice Principal Mr. Shivas says, “The dress code is a reflection of the values of our community and is set in place by the BOE [Board of Education].”

When students were asked about their thoughts on the dress code and the BOE, many were frustrated with the fact that they don’t even know what it is. Alicia Torres said, “I don’t know what that is; shouldn’t we know what we are being penalized for? The school really needs to do a better job of informing us about these things.”

Although the student dress code is available online along with the rest of the KHS Handbook, many students believe action needs to be taken to further broadcast the dress code laws currently in place, which evidently, many students feel strongly about.