What’s Better than Being Healthy?

KHS Health Care Professions Club To Host Fair on April 12

An important topic in modern society is health: how to make healthier choices, eat healthier, exercise more, improve mental health, and many other concerns are prevalent today as people strive to live long, healthy lives.

There are many methods people have devised in order to to achieve such a goal, and the KHS Health Care Professions Club will host a Health Fair on April 12 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the New Gym to showcase different health related topics and research done on medical issues to inform the school’s students.


Senior Emily Ackerman, executive officer of the Health Care Professions Club, says the goal of the health fair is “to inform people of what they can do locally with different companies to improve their health and the health of others.”


The fair offers booths ranging from cardiovascular disease research to healthy dieting. It also gives students the chance to interact with professionals from hospitals and fitness centers to inquire about any questions they may have regarding how to be healthier.


“I will be doing a booth on nutrition [with two other members of the club]. There are local gyms and health food restaurants coming so it should be really fun,” says Ackerman. The event will be held during the school day, and students as well as staff are encouraged to attend.