A new type of champion, for better or worse

Fantasy football has become almost as popular as professional football, and for many students, has become a distraction both in and out of school.

ESPN’s Fantasy Football logo, a platform that has gained 11 million users in a single week


ESPN’s Fantasy Football logo, a platform that has gained 11 million users in a single week

When people think of a champion, what often comes to mind is the endless amount of medals and trophies laid upon the winner as they stand tall atop the podium. What has become increasingly common is a new– digital– form of champion.

Fantasy football is new to the sports scene as millions of people sign up yearly to draft their favorite players in order to create the best team possible. Fantasy football, however, has as many upsides as it does downsides.

While fantasy football brings more action and suspense to ‘Sunday Football,’ it has also taken away many fans from certain teams, as people become more attached to their own team rather than their state team. Overall, this online competition has taken many Kinnelon students by storm, as they race to finish on top.

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Fantasy football is certainly distracting, as many people use the online website during school hours, which can be rather controversial.

“I look at my team multiple times throughout the school day, whether it be a trade offer or a new player, I am always thinking about my team,” said freshman Christian Larusso.

While school shouldn’t be the place for sports conversation, this is often the only place where people can talk about their teams with respective league members. Also, not all leagues are just for fun and games, as many leagues have a payout at upwards of $25,000 towards the champion.

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Fantasy Draft Kits are used to help improve a team before the team is drafted.

Not only has fantasy football become popular in Kinnelon, but it is spreading across the country, as many students are feeling repercussions from the low tolerance of phone usage during class.  

However, this certainly does not stop these fantasy owners from making the most of the time that they have.

“Saturdays are for the boys, but Sunday is definitely for fantasy football. I watch football all day on Sundays,” said sophomore Matt Sienicki.

Another downside to this new activity is the time it takes away from crucial school work, as many teachers assign homework over the weekend that cannot be completed overnight. While fantasy football is certainly a weekend distraction for many owners, this has not stopped it from becoming a weekly ritual for many students.

Overall, fantasy football is very much considered a distraction. Owners often won’t let school derail them from their quest to reach the top. With incredible amounts of money on the line, a multi-thousand dollar profit for some is becoming more important than a homework assignment. As fantasy football grows rapidly, it is hard to predict what will come in the future, but one can only guess that it will get more hectic, distracting, and serious from here.