Unity at KHS

In light of Spirit Week’s Unity Day, KHS students and staff give their definitions of ‘unity.’


Lors Photography

Students as they celebrate Spirit Week from Oct. 14-18.

My definition of unity is basically people coming together.” ”

— Charles Bodner, sophomore

When people are all together and accept each other and no one is rude or bias towards other people for who they want to be and not be discriminant.””

— Sara Brechner, freshman

My definition of unity is togetherness.”

— Vlad Nita, junior

Unity means working together generally to accomplish a common goal or positive purpose.”  ”

— Steve Papendick, teacher

“When everyone comes together and makes a change or bands together as one.” ”

— Juliette Wittig, freshman

It means togetherness in the task ahead, regardless of how it turns out.””

— Danielle Elia, teacher