Mountain Creek’s Two Faces

Winter sports athletes from Kinnelon share their favorite mountain creek sides.

Courtesy of Rolf Van DeWal

Mountain Creek Resort in Vernon Township, NJ is where many Kinnelon kids enjoy many winter sports during this time of year. From skiing to snowboarding to snow tubing, Mountain Creek can satisfy even the most fanatical winter sports athletes. 


Mountain Creek is a ski resort open to all skill levels.  From beginner to advanced, the mountain is open to all. To separate these skill levels, the mountain is divided into a northside and southside. 


Sophomore Kaiden Brindle, who enjoys picking up speed down intermediate trials, has been snowboarding for three years. “Northside appeals to people who want to learn or improve their skills, and Southside appeals to people who want to do tricks and short runs.” 


Freshman Will Cappello, who likes to take advanced but steady rides full of tricks, has been skiing for nine years. “Southside appeals to more advanced skiers, where there are less people to focus on, so you’re able to get more runs. You have places to do tricks and stuff, instead of taking long runs down the mountain.” 


According to the athletes, a clear line can be divided when discussing the two sides of Mountain Creek. The north side of the mountain has a tamer environment with many beginners and long trails. On the other face of the mountain, the south side is seen as having a more unruly and intermittent environment full of hardcore skiiers and snowboards looking to pull off exciting tricks.


These two presenting sides at the Mountain Creek skiing resort offer all winter sports athletes from expert to novice a place to ski.