Saving the Planet: Foreword

Climate change isn’t new news, but it’s becoming worse and worse; and we’re not doing much to help stop it.

Editor’s Note: This is a new recurring column. Check back for more posts, topics, info and updates. 

Our planet is dying, and that’s all that some people know about climate change.

Climate change is about more than the planet dying; it’s about how all the systems of our climate are slowly falling apart.

However, this can be avoided. We don’t have to watch everything slowly die; we are a part of our planet, and we are a force that can make a difference in the restoration of the Earth. Although we have the biggest hand in damaging this planet and its climate, we also have the biggest hand in saving it. 

Throughout this recurring column, I will touch on topics and recent news, research, and discoveries about climate change.

I will also focus on many ways we can take part in this effort to help save the world. 


This column will update readers on ways that they can help impact the environment in a positive way to help combat climate change.