Munchy’s Replaced With Bagel Store

Many Kinnelon and Butler residents were saddened by the closing of Munchys. Despite the loss of a popular restaurant, new hope arises as a bagel shop moves in.


Photo courtesy of Michael Wilson.

The outside of Munchys, which was located off of Boonton Ave.

Munchy’s opened in Kinnelon in 2016 and instantly became a popular grill. They served all different kinds of delicious food from french toast to enchiladas to chocolate chip cookies. There was nothing patrons couldn’t find on the menu.

“Their milkshakes were fire!” says freshman Cody Joskowitz of the business who also offered delivery. Their well-rated food and fast service made it a popular after-school hangout. Many high schoolers even got jobs there as a way to socialize with friends and neighbors while earning cash. 

The Munchys chain started in Little Falls, NJ in 1997. The original restaurant was opened by two brothers named Chris and Bobby. They wanted to open a place people could enjoy, no matter what they were craving.

After having much success at their original location, they wanted to venture out of Little Falls. After three short years, though, Munchy’s in Kinnelon closed in the fall of 2019.

Many local residents were not too thrilled about this. When asked how he felt about it, freshman Brian Meserlian said, “I hate that. They shouldn’t have closed.”  

Not long after Munchy’s closed, plans were set to replace it with a bagel shop. Some Kinnelon residents, like Natalie Klinger, are looking forward to eating at a new place. “I love bagels, so I’m happy about it!” the sophomore says.

Others are not so excited. “I don’t think we need another bagel place. We already have two really good ones,” says senior Savannah Herrington.

Kinnelon is surrounded by many popular bagel shops and delis, such as G&A Hot Bagels and Deli II, Kinnelon Bagel, and Lakeside Bagels Deli & Pizza to name a few.  G&A is typically the favorite bagel shop among students at KHS. Some order a taylor ham, egg, and cheese sandwich, while others opt for an everything bagel with cream cheese. Since G&A is open 24 hours a day, it’s hard to imagine another bagel shop having as much success.

Although Kinnelon residents love their bagels, Munchy’s will be greatly missed in this small town.