How Couples Are Coping With COVID-19

Significant others who do not live together are going “long-distance” during isolation

How Couples Are Coping With COVID-19

Kelly Sikkema

Through texts, FaceTime calls, and virtual dates, couples who do not live together are battling with long-distance dating during the quarantine. For many significant others, especially those in high school relationships who typically see each other daily, social distancing is an especially hard circumstance to adapt to. Those who have gone long-distance before isolation are in luck, but those who have not are still working out the kinks. 

“Netflix parties, FaceTime, and playing games together every now and then is something we’ve tried to do to keep things normal,” sophomore Sophie Solarino states about her relationship during isolation. 

Solarino, among many others, has had to find ways to cope with quarantine and stay connected to her significant other. For those dating people from towns outside their own, isolation hasn’t been quite as difficult. With only seeing each other a few times a week before the pandemic, adjusting to social distancing appears easier. Although, not all relationships are so sure of how to handle such a trying time. Sophomore Katie Nieto, currently in a relationship states, “I would say it’s been hard. Since we live in different towns and we can’t go out to see each other, the only way we can stay connected is through the phone, which is really difficult sometimes because making bonds over technology just isn’t the same as making bonds in real life.”

The lack of physical and emotional contact with significant others during this quarantine has served as a major contributor to the dwindling of many relationships. From abruptly being forced into separation, many couples were not so sure how to respond. Only having technology to turn to brutally took its toll on some relationships, leaving many even more sad than anticipated during this isolation period. 

Couples who are greatly yearning to see each other again are hoping that the quarantine soon concludes so that Netflix parties and FaceTime calls can take a back seat to true in-person dates.