Save the Planet: The Debate on Climate Change

What did the President and Former Vice President say about Climate Change in the first Presidential Debate of 2020.


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On Sept. 29 at 9 p.m., the first presidential debate of 2020 began. During the environmental debates, Fox News anchor Chris Wallas asked the two candidates, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, to express their thoughts and proposals for their actions on climate change. Their responses were not surprising. Here’s a quick summary: 


President Trump’s Response: 

  • Believes California is always burning because of the vulnerability of the particular wood in that region; the wildfires are out of control, due to the lack of management 
  • Believes that sustainable cars in California are too complicated but supports electrical cars
  • Implies that he believes that the economy cannot afford sustainability


Biden’s Response: 

  • States that he is “able to bring down renewable energy to the same price as fossil fuels”
  • Plans to add more charging stations for electric cars
  • Aims for net-zero energy produced by 2025
  • States that one of the first things he is going to act upon is joining “The Paris Accord
  • Stated that he does not believe in the Green New Deal and in fact, believes in the Biden Plan
  • Believes that “Trump is still stuck on trying to prove that methane is not harmful”