Mark your calendars: Homecoming is here!

The homecoming court nominations for the class of 2021 at KHS.


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The class of 2020 homecoming court last fall. With the current pandemic, students are left wondering what the event will look like this year.

This week, Nov. 9-13, seniors at KHS voted on their homecoming court. The queen nominees are seniors Kallie Downey, Sara Harty, Emma Macmanus, Emma Schmidt, and Bridget Wang. The king nominees are seniors Ethan Burt, Gavin Freda, Floyd McDonald, Zachary Vanzile, and Timothy Donohue. 

For most of the candidates, the nomination was unexpected. “No, I did not expect to get nominated but I am excited about it,” says Vanzile. 

“I did not expect to be nominated, but I am excited to have been!” agrees Wang. “I’m really glad that this year’s seniors still get to experience events such as homecoming.”

In contrast, some candidates were less surprised by the results. “Honestly, I did expect to get nominated. After winning most likely to live in Kinnelon I expected this to also be a possibility. I try to stay involved in KHS as much as I can and this nomination helps me see that my class has really noticed that,” says Freda. 

This year we won’t be able to link arms with our partner and we will have to wear masks.”

— Emma Macmanus

However, some aspects of the homecoming football game and event will be different from previous years due to the ongoing pandemic. “This year we won’t be able to link arms with our partner and we will have to wear masks,”  Macmanus. “I think the majority of the rest of the ceremony will be the same.”

Despite the changes to the ceremony this year to incorporate social distancing and masks, it is still an important event. “I think homecoming will still be a fun time even though this pandemic because it’s one of those events that can bring a whole school together,” says Vanzile. 

“I think homecoming will be different this year, but also more important than other years in the past. After a rough last few weeks at KHS I think my grade and our school need this sense of normalcy,” says Freda. “Even though I’ll have to wear a mask and [we will] walk down the track 6 feet away from each other, I think this night is always a lot of fun for us students and we will try to block out all the craziness going on in the world.”