How colleges are changing due to the pandemic

The pandemic has wrecked many aspects of normal life and has forced many students to change their habits in this new and different college year.


Courtesy of Unsplash

A college student in her virtual graduation.

The Coronavirus has not only changed our way of life, but it has also been a major game-changer in education. Schools have been forced to go hybrid, which means only half the school goes on certain days, and some schools have even opted to go fully online. 


As for colleges, what we once knew as the time of our lives is coming to an end with most colleges going completely virtual. Instead of walking to classes with your friends from building to building, students are now virtually going to classes through zoom and other video platforms. 


College acceptance has also changed drastically. The pandemic has caused SAT’s to be canceled left and right. Seniors have been applying to colleges without their SAT scores because many SAT tests get canceled. 


The only good thing about the SAT’s cancelation is that colleges are now going test-optional. Only a select few seniors have even taken the SAT, so many colleges dropped them altogether. 


The pandemic has forced ivy leagues to drop the SAT as well. Big colleges like Harvard and Princeton have been forced to go test-optional because no one can take the SAT.


The Coronavirus wreaked havoc across the world,  introduced a new way to go about college, and forces students to make the best out of a bad situation.