What Teens at KHS are Thankful for This Year.


The holidays are a time to give thanks; students at KHS express what they are thankful for this year.

This is the time for reflection, a moment to look back and ponder. Although 2020 has been one of our worst years yet, there still have been glimmers of hope in the darkness of adversity. As the new year steadily approaches, we all should take some time to think about the things in life which we remain grateful for.

“I am thankful to not get ill, or have any of my family members or friends get ill from the coronavirus.” Says Jake Pryor, a junior. “I am also thankful that things are running relatively smoothly again.”

“I am thankful that my family, friends, and I have remained healthy over the course of the quarantine.” Says Sammy Bassin, a freshman. “I hope that everyone can safely return to school sometime this year.”

 The continued good health of those close to us is something that we all cherish, especially now during these fraught times. However, other challenges have also arisen to oppose students as well— challenges which concern school life and academics in particular. 

“Some challenges that I’ve had to face include struggling with virtual learning as well as staying safe.” Says Bassin. 

“Trying to adapt to this new school environment not only brought on by the coronavirus but also the switch to Oncourse [has also been challenging]…” Says Pryor. “I’ve managed to overcome it by staying in contact with my friends and persevering.”

In light of these obstacles, perhaps one method to alleviate both student worries about schoolwork and promote social connection with peers would be to institute teacher-supported extra help groups in various social media outlets such as Discord. The teachers, possibly alongside various approved student volunteers, can help answer questions from their fellow classmates and provide resources for learning outside of class. In turn, student volunteers who are particularly helpful may earn extra credit points in their respective class as a way to encourage them to support their peers.

 Of course, this is but one option that can be taken out of a multitude of others. As long as a dedicated effort is made to address and resolve student issues, 

“My hopes for next year would be the return to normalcy, with everyone being able to go back to school once again and not having to deal with this pandemic.” Says Pryor.

There is a light at the end of every tunnel, no matter how far away it may seem. But by ensuring that we both bring the best of ourselves and foster it in those around us, we act as our own guiding light, helping to pave the way for a better and brighter future.