A Balance of Social Distancing and Celebration

How students at KHS and their families are spending the holidays this season.


Katie Nieto

Junior Katie Nieto celebrated with her immediate family last Easter during quarantine. She hopes to do the same this holiday season.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the holidays are not on hold. Students and their families at KHS are devising various ways to celebrate with the people that they care about this season while also paying attention to social distancing guidelines. 

Social distancing is a big part of students’ plans for the upcoming holidays. “Our family is doing Thanksgiving dinner in separate houses and then coming back to our house for dessert outside! Socially distanced,” says junior Katie Nieto. 

Students and their families also plan to limit the amount of relatives attending in-person gatherings, if they occur. “We will be cautious,” says senior Jason Millis. “We don’t know if we will be getting together yet. If we decide to, it will be a very small gathering” 

The holidays this season will definitely be different from previous years. “It will be different because usually we go to visit other family/family friends,” says sophomore Shea Porada. 

Some typical events will not be able to take place. “Our family does have a tradition of secret Santa but since we cannot have all the families together it’s most likely also not gonna happen,” says junior TJ Coppla. 

However, the general sense of holiday cheer these next few months will persist despite COVID. “[we plan on] putting up the tree and hopefully visiting the city, even if we don’t have a show to see!” says Nieto. 

“We’re celebrating the holidays with family just like every other year,” says senior Isabella Aliotta.