Born To Be A Florist

Joann Montague always knew she wanted to be a florist and is now living that dream


Image from her instagram @jmpetals

Joann Montague (right) and her sister (left) in a sunflower field.

At age 14-year-old, Joann Montague already knew what she wanted to do with her life.  Montague was and still is strong-willed and hard working. Her business, Blooming Brides ,has a 5-star review on Google and similar reviews on The Knot, which is a testament to the impressive work she has been doing for over 30 years. 

Her daughter, Ashley Montague said that she is interested in how her mother started a business by herself. Many people who dream of starting their own business never do actually start one; it takes confidence to actually take the step of creating a business. Her friend, Elizabeth D’Allegro also said, “It is inspiring to see someone start their own business.”

According to the comments on The Knot, Montague is “passionate and excited about her work, extremely knowledgeable, creative, and patient.” These are certainly all qualities that help one start and run a successful business.

Montague said that she likes virtually every aspect of her job. “Except the paperwork and all the computer problems. Other than that, I love my job. I feel so blessed that I can have a job I enjoy.”

She had pleased countless brides with her flawless work. “I get such satisfaction when I see a bride happy to see my work.” She loves to see it all come together. Most people dream about having a wedding ever since they were little. She said, “I love to see their dreams come true.”

I love to see their dreams come true.”

— Joann Montague

 Montague started her business when she was 29. From 2003 to 2021 she has owned the business and worked hard to gain popularity. Many people only see the surface success of an endeavor and never realize how much work went into that success. From an outsider’s perspective, it might seem as if things have always been easy for Montague, but that is not the truth. Ever since the beginning of her business, there have been struggles. Montague says, “You never know if you’re going to have 5 brides or 50.” The work-load is always different. That can be very stressful. It is natural for humans to want to know what’s always going on and to have everything under control. With this job, it is simply impossible.

 Montague does most of the work on her own. She has to balance all the weddings that she gets, and it is clear Joann always goes above and beyond. 

COVID has brought on additional unforeseen issues. Not many people have had weddings since the disease’s outbreak in the US.  Montague said that she could barely pay her rent. She is extremely passionate about her work, so the pandemic has definitely an especially difficult time for her and her growing business. 

Despite the troubles brought on by the ongoing pandemic, Montague’s work is high quality and loved by brides. While the current future is uncertain, Montague accepts this situation, stating, “having a business is always ups and downs.”