UEFA Champions League (UCL): The Final Four

With only four teams remaining, the UCL grows ever-closer to crowning its 2020-21 champion.


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The UEFA Champions League, European club soccer’s most adulated tournament, has one semifinal leg remaining before the final on May 29 in Istanbul, Turkey. With no teams significantly ahead on aggregate score, viewers are speculating as to who will match up in the final.

The four teams remaining consist of Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, and Real Madrid. The first leg of the semifinals has already been played, with Manchester City leading against PSG (2-1) on aggregate score. Real Madrid and Chelsea are tied (1-1) on aggregate. 

Man. City and PSG are set to play their second leg on Tuesday, May 4 at 3 p.m. EST. Real Madrid and Chelsea have their fixture set the following day at the same time. 

With PSG having been the only team that was not involved in the Super League debacle, many fans have taken to supporting them. After losing in the final to Bayern Munich last year, PSG are looking to return for the trophy.

However, with Man. City having never reached a UCL final in club history, they too are looking to be crowned champions. Fans now wait eagerly for the semifinals to commence, so that they may once more witness the highest-level final that European soccer has to offer.