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Popular and trendy costume ideas to be for halloween 2021

Having trouble coming up with costume ideas for this upcoming halloween? Here are some popular and trendy ideas to wow the crowd…
Grammar Party

The year 2021 was booming with pop culture, leaving many costume ideas this Halloween to choose from. Whether it’s the mesmerizing Black Widow or the chuckling Bernie Sanders Meme from the Inauguration, this year’s trends can definitely be relived through costume!

As Mason Cooley once said, “Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.” Coming up with a costume is never an easy task, since no one wants their costumes to be lame or irrelevant. The year 2021 holds so many astounding ideas, almost too many.


Favorite TV show character of 2021                                   

Tons of new shows have been produced throughout the year, leaving so many characters to choose from. The new show “Squid Game” or “Maid” is trending right now on Netflix with so many potential characters to dress up as. It’s never a dull idea to dress up as a favorite character from a show!         


Favorite movie character of 2021

Some fantastic movies have come out during the year: “Black Widow,” which came out in July, and “Free Guy,” which came out in August, has a bunch of compelling characters to choose from. Consider becoming your favorite movie character from this year!


Favorite meme of 2021

Looking for something that will make you stand out in a crowd and generate some laughs? Well then, you should consider dressing up as a meme! New memes have been created all throughout the year 2021. Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look or Bernie Sander’s cozy Inauguration outfit will definitely leave people talking. 


Favorite celebrity of 2021

Are there any celebs you’ve been idolizing in 2021? Consider dressing up as them for this Halloween! Whether it’s the charming Mr. Harry Styles or the astonishing Doja Cat, the opportunities are endless!


Favorite app of 2021

Have you become more addicted to TikTok or Snapchat during the course of the year? It may sound silly, but maybe dress up as your favorite app this year! There are so many creative and fun ways to do so, and it’s definitely not a costume seen very often!

Whether you are looking to have a solo costume, be in a duo, or in a group, all of these ideas can be transformed to fit any of those categories. Covid-19 practically ruined Halloween in 2020, so Halloween 2021 is the perfect opportunity to show off your creativity, uniqueness, and enjoyment! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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