NJ Covid Update

With the two-year anniversary of COVID-19 coming up, how far has the world come?


Courtesy of Creative Commons

A graph displaying the COVID-19 cases per week by country from January 2021 to February 2022.

The COVID-19 pandemic was like no other. It changed the lives of everyone. The world experienced numerous spikes and variants, with millions of people contracting the virus. Throughout the past two years, the world experienced variants like Delta, Gamma, Beta, and most recently Omicron.

The Omicron variant was an interesting stage in the progression of COVID-19 because of the symptoms of the variant and the timeliness of the vaccine. Not only did the vaccine help symptoms of Omicron, but Omicron itself was a lighter version of previous variants. James Musser, chairman of Houston Methodist Hospital’s Department of Pathology and Genomic Medicine, is the leader of a study of Omicron infections. Musser said that Omicron “spreads very, very fast, but it doesn’t appear to have the virulence or machismo to really pack as much of a wallop as the Alpha or Delta variants. ” 

Despite the ups and downs of COVID-19, things are looking upward. Since New Jersey decided to lift its school, child care center, and bus mask mandate on March 7, it may be a sign that other restrictions could begin to loosen soon.