We’ve Got Spirit (Again)

A movement for one last spring event to celebrate the hard work of KHS.


Photo Credit: Devin Agnello. Thomas Osterman (left), Saun Notay, Crista Calia, Sophia Scully, Juliana Mennonna, Lindsey Brittingham, and Bella LaBanca at KHS color day.

Adviser’s Note: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this opinion article belong solely to the author and do not reflect the view of The Colt Chronicle Staff, Kinnelon High School, or its students and staff members.

After all of KHS’s hard work through these past two crazy years, the students deserve a spring field day, which would be run similar to a spirit week day. KHS has held a fall spirit week for about 15 years now. There have been attempts at a spring spirit week, but it seemed to be too stressful as the end of the school year was coming up. 

Students deserve a reward at the end of the year for all of their hard work through the marking periods. Student Council Advisor Hannah Sappio says, “I would absolutely look into [a spring spirit week. We could have a variety of events and include as many students as possible, so everyone can participate.” 

Students need something to look forward to, in order to have that final push at the end of the year. Both the staff and students had to learn how to adjust quickly as well as be forced to endure great stress with COVID. Many KHS events were canceled, including the over-the-top spirit week last year. Although the fall spirit week was canceled, students were still able to have a small spring “spirit week” with a couple of events each day—this year’s spring event would be similar.

Although many may welcome this as a break from the routine and stress of our normal schedule, not everyone agrees. Senior Lindsey Brittingham said, “I do not like the idea of a spring spirit week. I say this because I am one who does a lot for my grade during spirit week and I truly don’t think I would be able to handle two of them in one year.” 

Although other students may hold the same reservations as Brittingham, this spring event would not be characteristically strenuous. How she feels is perhaps understandable; many students do not like to do a lot of the planning. But, planning would be delegated to the students that do enjoy such responsibilities. Fortunately, though, there would not be a lot of planning necessary, as it would be similar to a field day.

Photo Credit: Devin Agnello. Krystalie Abudaya (left), Julia Schaper, Sydni Savino, Laura Conneta, Alexa Leitao, Csenge Pajtok, Erica Shablik, Sophia Gianforte, Marco Leitao at the KHS dance-off.

This is a great opportunity to bring the 2022 classes together for one last hurrah at the end of the year together. The seniors will also be graduating, and it would be very enjoyable to have a final event where they can say their goodbyes to the underclassmen. 

Brittingham says, “The seniors, for sure, deserve something special at the end of their senior year. It would be enjoyable to do something with just our grade, but also something with all of the KHS students before we graduate.” 

Sappio holds similar sentiments when she says, “I love providing KHS activities and events for the students, and I want everyone to leave KHS with positive memories that will stay with them forever.”

With one last event at the end of the school year, students will be afforded the opportunity to connect on a deeper level and let go of school work for a day. They can spend time with their fellow peers, as well as be proud of everything they have accomplished this school year.