Second Annual Tailgate-A Resounding Success

KHS’s student body explores extracurriculars at the second annual tailgate.

Coltfest Club includes (from left) business teacher Cathy Gilligan,  and students Parker Lazarski, Cole Pryor, and Marco Leitao) posing for a picture during the tailgate.

Photo Credit: Marco Leitao

Coltfest Club includes (from left) business teacher Cathy Gilligan, and students Parker Lazarski, Cole Pryor, and Marco Leitao) posing for a picture during the tailgate.

Students and teachers were greeted by large paper billboards and treats on Sep. 23rd, when they descended upon Kinnelon High School to take a look at its second annual tailgate. A resounding success, it definitely beat last year’s first annual tailgate with its wider variety of clubs. 

Unlike last year, this year, more than 30 clubs set up tables and showcased their activities (and food) to show the whole KHS community what they were all about. Clubs ranging from History Honors Society to Boys Soccer showed the whole student body what they provided to a diverse community of students.

“There were a lot of people, and a lot of school spirit,” said junior Dylan Thomson. The event took place at the roundabout parking lot at the front of the school, displaying green banners and inviting lots of people to join the festivities prior to the senior night game for the football team.

The list of clubs that attended the 2022 Tailgate (Photo Credit: Personal Photo)

“There seemed to be more spirit, more enthusiasm from the student body, and blackout with the student body,” said principal Gary Suda. “Coming out of the pandemic, everyone is more happy to be here to show school spirit.” School spirit was no doubt running rampant as those that attended the football game afterward had no choice but to stop by and look at the spectacular showings from the clubs at KHS.

Along with more people attending, and even more clubs participating in the tailgate, one new aspect dominated the attention of the others: the Golden Frying Pan. The point of the award was to highlight the best club showcase, depending on the artistic, culinary, and welcoming abilities of the club. This year, the girl’s soccer team won first place. 

Regardless, students had a fun time with all the festivities. There were many spin-the-wheel games, as well as games that were included to coincide with each sport. At the girl’s soccer table, people could kick a small soccer ball into a bucket from six feet away to win a treat. By promoting the various activities at each table, the student body could learn more about what made KHS as diverse and unique as it is.


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“It brought the whole community together, because everyone from different clubs and different teams came together in one spot,” said junior Carrie Nitkinas. “Students and staff could enjoy the tailgate together. That is what promotes school spirit.” This was a big step-up from last year, as the student body was actually cooperating with staff to make the tailgate as fun as it was this year. Regardless of whether the students in the community decided to independently showcase their clubs, staff were able to attend and view the accomplishments and variety of skills showcased by the students they teach. 

“Mr. [Dave] Doty started this last year, but there appeared to be more support this year. There was more communication between co-curricular and clubs and teams,” said Suda. “It was a greater success.”

Despite the windiness and chill of the night, Friday was a spectacular display of KHS’ brightest minds and clubs. As students and staff came together to celebrate the variety of activities that KHS has to offer, it definitely improved the dynamic of one school, one community.