The New iPhone 14; Is It Worth the Upgrade?

2022; a world of full of new entertainment, cultures, and most importantly, technologies. But which of these new technologies are worth the second glance, and which are not even worth the first?


Courtesy of: Apple Inc.

A photo of the new iPhone 14, which released Sep. 17

 The release of the new iPhone 14 by Apple on Friday, September 16th (MacRumors 2022) tested this question; is this purchase worth it, or is it just a fancy new title for the same technology? Let’s find out. 

We will start by comparing the iPhone 14’s camera to its predecessors, the iPhone 13, and if it really carries that big of an improvement. While both cameras are similar, the iPhone 14 has some distinct changes. The first of which being “that the iPhone 14 adds a “Photonic Engine” — an extra processing step that helps your photos look crisper”(Business Insider 2022). In addition to this, the phone also provides users with a new feature that allows otherwise shaky videos to stabilize, which Apple calls “Action Mode”. Now for the real question, are these changes really necessary? KHS student Katie Ford says, “I don’t think it’s necessary unless you’re someone who uses their camera a lot for photography and want high quality photos.” 

With iPhone’s being so vital in most people’s everyday lives, having a battery that lasts is definitely something to look for when shopping for a new device. According to MacWorld, The longevity of the iPhone 14’s battery is approximately 12 hours and 40 minutes, while the iPhone 13’s battery is about an hour less than that. Student Melina Lucci says, “While I think that a longer battery life is useful, there’s not enough of a difference between this battery and the iPhone 13 battery for me to buy the new phone. And I mean, if my phone’s dying, I’ll just charge it.”

If a reader takes one thing from this article, it is the fact that opinions are everything. Everyone lives different day-to-day lives, take up different hobbies, have looser or tighter schedules, but whether you prefer having the highest-end electronics on the market, or you are content with your old iPhone 5. We all live in a world full of change, growth, and technological advancements. So now that you are an expert, will you be buying the new iPhone?