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Homecoming is Coming Home to KHS!

Interviewing some students about their excitement at the homecoming dance this year.
Photo by Shreyasi Sharma
This is the photo of the flyer that was sent out to inform students about the dance that is on Saturday, Oct. 22nd, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

When the air gets crisp, and the leaves start to turn, many students think about homecoming. That was simply not always a reality for all students last year, except for the seniors, because of COVID; This year, however, KHS’s homecoming has, well, come home. This year, every grade gets to have fun for the event.

Along with many other events like the football game and Spirit Week, the school is hosting a homecoming dance for every grade this year. The homecoming dance is on Saturday, Oct. 22, from 7 -10 p.m. The ticket cost $10 in advance and $20 at the door. The dance theme is “Turn Back Time,” and the dress code is semi-formal black and white. 

All grades are excited about the event because it will be their first year attending a homecoming dance. In previous years, due to COVID-19, the school had to cancel the dance for all grades to attend. As a result, many students have high expectations and hope it will be everything they have imagined. They expect great music, food, dancing, and lots of fun.

“I’m a little nervous in a way because I’ve never been to a homecoming dance before. So this is my first time seeing it. But at the same time, I’m also excited because I’ve never been to one. So, I’m definitely more excited than nervous,” says junior Ellie Asquith.

The students have high expectations, and Kinnelon High School & Home Association will do everything to make sure that students will have a night to remember. They have planned a DJ with a professional sound system and lighting. The music will be timeless, including both classic and current songs. During the dance, students can request songs as well. KHSHSA is still working on the decorations, but it will be related to a theme of black and white. Along with the dance party vibe, there will also be an open-air photo booth, a giant dome lounge, and a mocktail bar with a bartender.

“There hasn’t been a homecoming dance at KHS for quite a few years, so we [the KHSHSA] are extremely excited to be sponsoring/organizing one this year! We hope that everyone who attends has an amazing time—it will be a night to remember!” says Home and School Association president Kris Ives.

Some students are stressed about what to wear for the dance. Even though they already know the dress code, picking their outfit for such a big high school event can still be stressful. In addition, the dress code sometimes makes it harder to choose a dress since it has to be black and white. Some students have to deal with the challenge of buying a new one. 

“I’ve already started looking at some dresses already. I am definitely excited about picking my dress out because it’s my first formal dance. So it’s going to be my first time getting to get into a formal dress and at a dance, formally,” says sophomore Amelie Swiatek.

A party may be enjoyable for numerous reasons, including music, decorating, and theme, but the food is an essential part of a party; it can either make or break the function. Having great food at the dance can lift the students’ moods. Many students want the homecoming dance to have great food or snacks. Even students with low expectations for the party believed the food would be delicious.

“Refreshment tables will be set up with a variety of chips; movie theater style fresh popped popcorn, and a ton of sweets (cookie platters, cupcakes, brownies, candy bars, etc.). We’ve got a few surprises planned too,” says Ives.

Even teachers agree that homecoming is a big part of high school. They are the only ones who know how students reacted to the event during the previous years when there was no pandemic. Homecoming is not just about dancing or partying; it is also about hanging out with your friends. Teachers know how vital homecoming is to the students, especially underclassmen since they do not have a prom.

“Homecoming used to be a pretty big deal. Before the Spirit Week banners, each grade would actually make floats that would be driving on the track at halftime during the football games, if I recall correctly,” said English and Creative Writing teacher John Penola. “I think that ended right around the time that they replaced they old track with the newer one.” 

Nevertheless, it is a sign of the time that KHS finally hosts an exciting homecoming dance!


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