Mariah Carey & the Christmas Season

As the Christmas season starts, so does the streaming of Christmas music. Artist of the popular “All I Want for Christmas is You” continues to do more to keep her title of ‘The Queen of Christmas.’


Courtesy of Unsplash

A count of Mariah Carey’s continually growing fanbase on YouTube.

Early in the month Mariah Carey, famous singer and 5-time grammy winner, took to social media where she was seen wearing a Halloween costume and as the date changed from October 31st to November 1st she was seen wearing a Christmas outfit with snow all around her. This undoubtedly got people excited for the Christmas season, as well as her music. 

Carey has been associated with Christmas since her song “All I Want for Christmas is You” came out in 1994. Since then, Carey has done a multitude of things to continue her association with Christmas. For instance, earlier this month she published a children’s book titled The Christmas Princess (The Adventures of Little Mariah) which tells the story of little Mariah setting out on a journey where she discovers the power of her voice to spread the Christmas spirit. “My Uncle has always been a big fan of hers and for my little cousin he pre-ordered the book which recently came in and she loves it!” said senior Sophia Seier. This children’s book was an immediate hit despite it being published only a month ago. Because of her, many fans bought the book for their children and her association with the Christmas season. 

Additionally, last year, to keep up with her association with the holiday season, Carey sought to make her reign as “The Christmas Queen” official by filing a petition to trademark the title. She did this in order to have her company, Lotion LLC, use the title for branding on a range of products that they create. However, this caused controversy with another artist, Elizabeth Chan, who claimed that she was dubbed the Queen of Christmas. Chan then filed a motion against Carey’s request early in the year saying that she was already named the Queen of Christmas. On the week of November 14th, the Trial Trademark and Appeal Board denied Carey’s request. “I find it interesting to see how Mariah Carey will continue to try to keep her association with the Christmas season each year since she always finds something new like trying to trademark ‘the Queen of Christmas’” said senior Gianna Oldfield.

Carey will always be associated with the holiday season because of her popular song, but she continues to keep up with that title with posts on social media, Christmas books, and trying to trademark ‘the Queen of Christmas.’ Each year, fans are even more excited to see what Carey will do next to continue her affiliation with Christmas.