Don’t Worry Darling: Movie Review

The psychological horror film Don’t Worry Darling got a lot of attention for its cast, but there’s more to it than the British songwriter.


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Movie poster for Don’t Worry Darling

Putting the ‘style’ in Harry Styles (and others in the cast)

Besides Harry Styles, the movie featured some other notable people. Florence Pugh, the main character, was heavily appraised for her performance. Some of her more popular performances are in Black Widow, Little Women, and Midsommar. Many people were saying that putting her next to Harry Styles was a mistake, since she overshadowed his acting by a mile. 

Other notable actors include Chris Pine, and Olivia Wilde, who has been in her fair share of movies and even Broadway shows.

Harry Styles’ acting was criticized, critics saying that although it was convincing enough, it wasn’t anything to write home about. Of course, he might not have been receiving these criticisms if not for his singing career. A lot of the attention was coming from the fact that he was already incredibly famous. Casting him was definitely a strategic move, since having someone of that status created a lot of hype for the movie. 


The ratings for this movie range from one star to five. Some people thought that the plot was captivating and that the plot twists involved were interesting. They said that the acting was good, and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

People on the other side of the spectrum had a lot more to say. Although they all agreed that Florence Pugh was a great actor, a lot of them mentioned that the other actors weren’t nearly as good, and that one good actor wasn’t enough to save the movie. Others said that the plotline was predictable and boring. Some said that it was too hard to understand, while others said the opposite. Many people said that the movie was disappointing, and that they expected more from it based off of the trailer. Some said that it was cliche and that it was “weird”. 

Overall, the reviews are split almost half and half. Though people on the negative side had a lot more to say than the positive.


What significance does this movie pose today? In our modern-day world, questioning reality has been a common and recurring thing. This movie made the entire idea more plausible. It makes one question what is real and what’s not in their world. 

Another big idea brought up in the movie is the roles that men and women play in our society. In the movie, the husband is portrayed as a working man who works from 9 to 5, and the wife stays at home and cooks and cleans. There have been many controversies surrounding the ideas of feminism brought up in the movie. Some say that the movie is criticizing those who don’t mind old-fashioned gender roles. They say that there is a negative stigma around having kids and creating a family, compared to the independence that the main character tries to acquire. 


Overall, the movie is worth a watch, whether to criticize or to enjoy, and tickets can be found in the link below.