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Artificial Intelligence Begins to Takeover

A.I. has taken over the world as users experience things never seen before.
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The main menu for the AI app ChatGPT.

“By 2030, Artificial Intelligence will add 15.7 trillion dollars to the world’s GDP, boosting it by 14 percent,” according to Simplilearn. People want to change the world with artificial intelligence; and companies are investing billions of dollars in A.I. to advance their business to new heights using the app ChatGPT. 

Artificial intelligence has changed the way people think about and take part in their jobs. Doctors across the United States are using ChatGPT to assist in giving diagnosis to patients. According to CNN, Dr. Victor Tseng of Ansible Health set up an experiment to see how accurate ChatGPT is. Tseng assigned the A.I. to complete the medical license exam. This benchmark is a three-part US medical exam meant for graduate students to pass in order to get their medical license. Doctors were flabbergasted by the swift responses from the A.I. The A.I. passed numerous tests of medical exams in which it required no practice; humans, on the other hand, need hours of practice to pass medical exams. Within minutes a patient can have an answer on what sickness he or she has. 

 ChatGPT is a high-tech app in which you can ask a bot anything. Wall Street has seen a frenzy of stocks go up due to artificial intelligence companies. The biggest app of artificial intelligence is indeed ChatGPT. Reuters states, “ChatGPT is estimated to have 100 million active users just a couple months after its launch.” A.I. companies such as and SoundHound stocks have doubled in value this year. People are making thousands just off of A.I. stocks. 

The mega tech app is basically a more developed search engine than Google. A user can type a random question and the A.I. will have a well detailed answer in seconds. This includes anything about medical issues, sports, financial advice, and any other question that a user would wish to ask. Not only can the app answer questions but it can write essays, emails, and generate long data of codes. 

The human element will be lost.”

— Max Connelly

One Kinnelon High student who is fascinated with artificial intelligence is senior Kyle Portman. Portman wonders what the future will look like with people using A.I. so rapidly. “People may be hesitant because this can all be new to them as A.I. is just crossing the horizon. I view artificial intelligence as a key part of many people’s future. People around the country and world will use AI to solve their problems and give them solutions.”

However, KHS Senior, Max Connelly has a different viewpoint than Portman. “Artificial intelligence helping patients with their sickness and treatments can put an end to many jobs in the medical field. In a couple decades there may not be a need for as many doctors due to the increase in technology working on their own fine. The human element will be lost.”

Artificial intelligence is able to do the things it does because of a powerful chip. A chip called “Nvidia A100” powers artificial intelligence to do unimaginable things. Many of these A.I. apps use the chip to power its engine. The chip can do all sorts of things such as perform calculations which can be used to train network models. This allows companies to build off of their A.I. and expand it. This chip is basically a workhorse for artificial intelligence companies. 

Many companies such as Google, Microsoft, and others are capitalizing on artificial intelligence and investing in tech companies. Artificial intelligence may be the future to numerous companies and people. People all across the world are using A.I. apps to help them with their daily lives. The world as we once knew it may be a thing in the past due to the surge of technology.

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