There’s no Hack to Running Track!

Kinnelon Track Prepares for the Season!


Kinnelon Athletics

Kinnelon Varsity Cross Country team won the 2022-2023 Group 1 State Championship.

POP! POP! POP! The repeated starting pistol rattles off just as each race starts. A sign for track runners which signals that it is time to show out. Last season was one for the record books for Kinnelon, as a lot of school records were shattered, personal records set, and great strides for the Kinnelon Track and Field team. Last season the boys finished 8th in states for group one and the girls finished 32nd place. 

Jack Ahart becomes the Group 1 2022-2023 State Champion in both the 55m and 400m race for Winter Track. (Kinnelon Athletics)

The regular season meets for track consist of roughly ten meets before State Sectionals which gives the runners a lot of time to become accustomed to the racing mentality and get used to jumping at the sound of the gun. The track athletes get their work in regardless of how many meets they may have as they work hard throughout their practices throughout the school week and on Saturdays.


Nearly 80 athletes have already signed up for the track team this year. It seems as if all the runners have the same positive mindset when it comes to the season’s trajectory. “I love to see the show of athletes for track this year. The more people that come out the better and we are ready to help everyone improve throughout the course of the season. I can’t wait to see what’s in store!” says junior track runner Andrew Michalowicz.


Track athletes also have the time and opportunity to participate in Cross Country and Winter Track and Field which allows them to sharpen their skills and improve in the off-season. The track boys and girls make sure to set equal records in both as in Cross country the boys won the State Title for the first time in 52 years with the girls following up with a third-place medal. In Winter Track the boys won sectionals and placed 3rd in states and the girls placed 10th at sectionals. Safe to say Kinnelon Track and Field has some heavy hitters this season!


Varsity athlete Matt Kispert is a junior who has participated in Spring Track for three years and Winter Track for two years. Kispert runs in the 55m, 300m, and 400m for Winter Track and the 100m, 200m, and 400m for Spring Track. Kispert is exceptionally excited for this year as he said, “I think that this year will be another for the record books. Although we had a great season last year, I think that we can match and even surpass our achievements this year.” Kispert is ready and excited to surpass his own goals and help his teammates surpass theirs. 


Both Kispert and Michalowicz are ready and raring to go for the beginning of the Spring Track season. With the preseason starting soon, runners are all ready to start putting the work in so that they can smash the personal records that they set in the previous seasons. The first meets start in early April, so runners are going to have to work hard to get ready so fast.