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Why Technology Makes Gen Z Feel More Alone

People on their phones. Photo from Newport Academy.
People on their phones. Photo from Newport Academy.

Adviser’s Note: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this opinion article belong solely to the author and do not reflect the view of The Colt Chronicle Staff, Kinnelon High School, or its students and staff members.

Technology is supposed to connect us to each other rather than pull us apart more. In-person socializing recently has gone downhill ever since a new way of communicating was found. Our generation is obsessed with technology, and many people born in our generation end up staying home all day just to binge videos and post on apps.

People only go to their phones to text people, rather than going out to eat and actually talking. People are addicted to the little portable screens that they take everywhere with them. After a survey was recorded by SecurEnvoy it was found that, “53% of people admit that they would rather text or instant message their friends than pick up the phone or even meet in person”

According to GenZ source, Taylor quoted by  NewYorkTimes…“I often find myself surrounded by people staring at their phones and I am even guilty of doing it. If one person is staring at their phone, everyone else tends to do it, whether it be self-consciously or just to avoid an awkward situation.” 

Since kids don’t socialize in person as much, their only way of avoiding awkward situations, or people is to go on their phones. This way they won’t have to think of ways to start a new conversation or break the ice. It has gotten concerning that people have become so socially awkward due to their cell phones. 

According to Sites.psu, “Gen Z has been criticized for its lack of social skills and inability to make meaningful human connections.”

 Although this may benefit shy people it will never help them get out of their comfort zone.

A GenZ source, Bronte quoted by NewYorkTimes says… “I’ve set limits for myself when I’m hanging out with friends and family. I’ve noticed that relationships become real. People become people, not just fantasies of what their lives are portrayed as on social media.”

People born during Gen Z have become dependent on a smartphone, but it is only going to get worse from here. Not only do kids spend most of their free time on their phones, but they also spend most of their school day on a computer.

According to ets, “Ninety-eight percent of all schools own computers.”

According to ScienceDaily,Many Teens Spend 30 Hours A Week On ‘Screen Time’ During High School” Phones limit our emotional connections with people because speaking over text and call is way different than connecting in person on another level. As humans, we are meant to socialize and meet people that we can click with one on one, sometimes meeting someone over the internet can be different, because they can make themselves a whole different person.

Psychologytoday held two studies and found “that more screen time causes increased loneliness, depression and anxiety, and less emotional connection with others.

People should be able to connect more, and this should be a problem throughout the world that should be looked into because electronic devices are slowly taking over our brains, and becoming more dominant over us. I find it concerning that people have social anxiety because they are too used to using a phone to communicate. People need to start turning off their phones and communicating through face-to-face conversations.


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