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KHS Applies New Phone Rule

Students and teachers at KHS’ gave their opinions about the new tolerance policy with cell phones.
Olivia Bsales
Freshmen focusing in class without phones

Imagine not using a cell phone for hours throughout the day. Not knowing what is going on social media, not being able to text friends, and not being able to play games. Cell phones have become too much of a distraction for students, so a new rule is enforced at KHS. Does this seem like a good or bad idea?

Email from Mr. Suda about Wi-Fi

Starting this year, students are no longer able to use their cell phones in class. To better enforce this new policy, cell phones will be confiscated if students do not comply with this rule. Cell phones will also not connect to Wi-Fi during learning blocks. 


The Wi-Fi is only accessible to student Chromebooks throughout the whole day. The Wi-Fi is only available for cell phones during lunch block, after school, and on weekends. This prevents any students from disobeying the policy, and becoming distracted from instruction. 


During previous years, students were allowed on their cell phones with a teacher’s permission for academics, or emergencies. However, Principal Gary Suda believes that cell phones were more distracting, than helpful in the classroom. From now on, any academic technology will be accessible on Chromebooks. “We now have Chromebooks that are new and updated. Anything the student needs to use technology wise, will be incorporated within the Chromebook,” said Suda.

Made by Olivia Bsales

Cell phones have been a problem for teachers for a long time. In past years, teachers were constantly reminding students to put their phones away or they would and some teachers would even give warnings. Although every teacher has a slightly different policy, the majority would take them away.


“Students are getting too distracted when we are in class, either with material or independent work, and they’re not paying attention to what the teacher is saying,” said teacher Sabrina Csatay.


On the other hand, some students are not happy about this. Their main concern is not being able to get in touch with their parents. “I usually text my mom a lot throughout the day about cheer or how I am getting home,” said junior Gianna Gianforte. 


Students understand that phones are a big distraction,  and students know that they can contact their parents during lunch. However, plans can change at any time of the day, including after lunch. Students are still able to go to the office and call their parents anytime they need to throughout the day. “I feel like it will become a problem if I have to go to the office every time I need to contact somebody because I would probably be down there every block. I would miss less learning time if I quickly pulled out my phone in class or even stepped into the hallway,” said sophomore Olivia Torsiello. 


Students are not the only ones adjusting to this rule, parents are too. “I text my daughter very often throughout the day because she has volleyball practice and games after school. Her schedule and plans are constantly changing so I need to stay in touch with her,” said parent Toula Leitao. Although students and parents are able to communicate through the phones in the office, it could be disruptive if students are constantly being pulled out of class. Students will also be missing class time.

Olivia Bsales

Many people are still adjusting to this new policy. Despite the fact that everyone feels differently about this adjustment, there is time for alterations to fulfill everyone’s needs. Nevertheless, this policy is still very new and anything can change in the course of time.

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