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OnCourse vs. PowerSchool

OnCourse vs. PowerSchool
KHS student and teacher reactions to the grade system switch
November 24, 2019

This year, The Kinnelon Board of Education brought major changes to Kinnelon teachers and students with regard to their grading and attendance systems by replacing the old system, Powerschool, with a new...

Is Geography Still Relevant?

Poster in classroom 204 emphasizing the importance of geography.
Teachers and students discuss the importance of geography despite its decline in classroom teaching
November 1, 2019

Many states do not require geography as a part of their educational curriculum anymore. In New Jersey, districts like Kinnelon, Butler, and Pompton Lakes do not teach geography as a curriculum requirement....

Seniors Leaving KHS

The pictures of last year's seniors are displayed on the wall next to their college or career choices
Seniors discuss their hopes and fears while giving their peers some advice for their future senior year
October 25, 2019

Leaves change color, then fall. The temperature drops. School gets serious. For many, October is a month of returns to normalcy; for many seniors, however, October is the month of college applications....

KHS Spirit Week Dance 2019

The Sophomore Dance, “Rags to Riches”, for the 2019 Spirit Week Dance Competition.
The annual spirit week dance competition, and the hardships that come with it
October 23, 2019

Squeaking boots and chants erupt from the crowd as fluorescent lights shine in the gym. This is the one time in the year where everyone's lungs sting with yells and hoorays: the KHS spirit week Dance Competition....

Unity at KHS

Students as they celebrate Spirit Week from Oct. 14-18.
In light of Spirit Week's Unity Day, KHS students and staff give their definitions of 'unity.'
October 22, 2019

Spirit Week Summary 2019-2020

Photo from Band day 2019.
The Event Students were Looking Forward to Since September
October 18, 2019

Spirit Week at KHS proved to be another fun-filled week packed with events and competitions that the entire student body could enjoy. Festivities ran the week of Oct. 14  and concluded with the homecoming...

Project Semicolon

The Give Back Club advertises their temporary tattoos through this sign. It delivers their intention of the project and why other people should be involved. 
KHS club spreads suicide prevention awareness through tattoos of semicolons.
October 9, 2019

Kinnelon High School allowed all students to be apart of an active activity involving tattoos, suicide prevention, and semicolons.    The Give Back Club gave out free temporary tattoos of semicolons...

Remembering the Good and the Bad: Kinnelon High Schools Annual 9/11 Ceremony

Kinnelon High School’s annual 9/11 ceremony
September 12, 2019

On September 11, 2001, the entire nation held its breath as the news of terrorist attacks swept through every household, panic following each newscast. American citizens remember this day, those who were...

Factors to Consider When Making the College Decision

Factors to Consider When Making the College Decision
June 6, 2019

Choosing a college to attend is an exciting but stressful experience for many high school students. Although most students are eager to begin this new and exciting stage in their lives, it is often difficult...

Studying 101: Finals Season

Sarah Armstrong staying hydrated while taking notes on what she did in math class so she does not forget.
May 21, 2019

The school year is coming to an end, but it is still important to keep your study game sharp for finals. These exams creep up on students each year and can seem overwhelming. Thankfully, KHS students who...

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