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Five Ways To Stay Productive This Summer

Five ways to stay productive this summer with the amount of free time many have.
Photo by Kristina Haviland
KHS students playing volleyball at the Smoke Rise Beach.


Summertime calls for relaxation and fun activities, though it is necessary to stay productive and manage your time over these months. The warm weather is tempting to step into and the majority of people spend most of their summer outside; however, the ability to organize our time suffers as it is easy to keep track of time. Believe it or not, the summer is the ideal season of the year to keep yourself in check and work on your goals; here are five ways you can do so.


  • Make a schedule/keep a planner

Take a seat and write down your daily activities, goals, and weekly plans of what you want to accomplish. Many teens have academic, personal, and life goals they want to accomplish over the summer. This will help reinforce time management and allow you to have a fun summer break while not leaving work you have to do to the last minute. If it is easier to use online, a great app for scheduling is PlannerNote


  • Get some exercise

It is quite easy to fall into the habit of staying in bed all day binge-watching TV or scrolling mindlessly through your phone. Just 30 minutes of light exercise can help get you motivated to complete the tasks you may have to do. Going on a walk, for example, can improve your sleep, energy, lower stress levels, and improve your mood and mental health. 


  • Do something you have been putting off

Especially if you do not have any major plans for this summer, use the time wisely and do something you usually don’t have the time to do. Whether it simply be reading a book you had set aside, cleaning your room, having a self-care day, or even just hanging out with some friends;  it is important to take some time to yourself. The school year can be very stressful and packed, so now is the time to do something you may not have time for when school starts back up. You can make it easier by breaking up bigger goals and tasks into smaller steps to simplify the work.


  • Try something new

Once again, there isn’t much time during the school year. You can use this time to learn more about yourself; go ahead and try something new that appeals to you. This can be learning a new instrument, painting, starting a blog, or learning a new language! It is always good to go out of your comfort zone and engage in something you haven’t tried before. Here is a list of  things to try if you are stuck on what to do.


Questions to ask yourself:

  • What is the subject of your interests?
  • Do you enjoy music, art, sports, academics, social media, etc.?
  • What activities make you happy or put you in a good mood?


  • Have fun!

Lastly, it is important to enjoy yourself in the short break before the madness of the school year starts up again. Instead of staying home all day, every day, spend time with your family, friends, and the outdoors. Take a trip to the beach, see a drive-in movie, start a project, or go shopping!


Make the most of your free time this summer and stay organized and productive. Yet most importantly, have fun!




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