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The Experiences Behind the Game

KHS girls’ volleyball team shares their experiences of being on the team.
Kristina Haviland
The girls volleyball team showed teamwork at a game last season.

As the start of the school year approaches, so do the fall sports at KHS; particularly, the girls volleyball team. The team has a very demanding schedule of practices and games, making it challenging to manage a hefty academic workload at the same time. However, the team remains strong with a diligent group of players, thanks to the experiences and strategies that continue to get them through it. 

Since the sport is run throughout the fall, it can be overwhelming with new classes, spirit week activities, and getting back into the gist of things. Senior Maddy Sumner has had first-hand experience balancing this schedule, as she will be entering her fourth year of high school volleyball. She says, “Getting deeper into the season definitely gets a lot harder to manage. School work piles up  along with so many other activities.” 

Junior Sophie Pogodin shares similar feelings. She says, “This year, I am taking a lot of AP classes, and I’ll only have a few hours to fit all the work and studying in after practices and games. This fall is going to test my ability to have good time management and overcome my procrastination.”

Junior Carrie Nitkinas says, “I usually don’t get home until late and it’s much harder to do my homework and get to bed at a reasonable time.”

Whether they are in their fourth year of playing, or only their second, it is clear that the schedule doesn’t get any easier. Sophomore Kira Symmons says, “It can be hard balancing work and athletics especially when it’s a busy week with lots of work and games. I like to have a schedule planned out for when I do my homework, study, practice, and have free time. ”

The subject of time management is very prominent among the girls. Sophomore Maddie Cigini says, “Yes, it can be hard, but it is worth it in the end. It’s just about time management. For me, I use the notes and reminder app on my phone to stay on track.”

Throughout the years, they have individually come up with strategies to help ensure they maintain good grades while playing the sport they love. Pogodin says, “I find it helpful to plan out my schedule beforehand and make sure I know which assignments and tests I have so I know when to prepare. 

Junior Natalie Hoffman shares a piece of advice for incoming players. She says, “Try to break up studying. If you have a test later in the week study earlier so practice or a game won’t get in the way. And use practice or games as a distraction from school work.”

Junior Lindsey Millis says, “It’s all about having good time management. But even then it can be hard to get everything done.”

Even though it can be tough to manage at times, the players return every year for another season. Sumner says, “I love the sport and people, it makes being on the team worth it.”

Pogodin says, “I come back every year because volleyball is my sport, and every time I’m out there on the court it brings me a lot of happiness; and of course, I love my coaches and teammates that I’m able to share the experience with.”


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