Baking Her Way To Help Her Community

Peyton Triano’s journey of growing her business, charity, and giving back to people in need.


Photo courtesy of Peyton Triano

Triano’s Halloween BOO Basket fundraiser homemade treats from 2021.

Over the past couple of years, Freshman Peyton Triano has contributed to her community by founding a charity called Compassionate Kids, NJ and starting her own baking business. Not only have her baked goods and donations helped those in need, but she also has learned many personal lessons through her journey. 

Her business, EatSweet, has grown tremendously over the years. She has baked for weddings, bridal showers, birthday parties and various other events within her community. 

However, she did not necessarily start a business; it came to her. She says, “Two and a half years ago, I randomly started baking and got an order and then started getting more and more so I started a non-profit charity called Compassionate Kids, NJ.”

Her sister, Finley Triano, says, “She loves taking on new hobbies and challenging herself which is why she took up baking so well. She started becoming serious about it a few years ago.”

All of her proceeds from her business go directly to the charity, which then goes to the Father English Food Pantry in Paterson, NJ. She says, “I give bags and try to have kid-friendly things. Some popular things I give are school lunch boxes, bread, peanut butter and jelly, chips, and granola bars, and it all goes to them.” Her custom food bags have fed over 5,000 families.

Triano has always had a love for helping people in need, and that’s exactly what she does by donating to the food pantry. “I believe that it’s important to give back to those less fortunate because I am blessed with the fact that I don’t need to worry about putting a meal on the table, and others sadly don’t have that privilege.”

Her sister, Finley Triano, knows Peyton is doing amazing things. Finley says, “As someone who is so young and making such a big difference in society, I can’t believe the amount of money she has raised and the families she has helped.”

Along with her sister, her parents have both supported and encouraged everything she has accomplished. Her mom, Jenna Triano says, “I think she enjoys helping other people so much because she loves the reactions of other little kids’ faces when she gives them her baked treats.”

Triano has been going to the food pantry for almost three years now and has been able to meet the families who utilize it, giving her a new perspective on life. “It has shaped me to who I am today, as I see outside of my bubble that people truly do struggle. Some have even taught me personal lessons along the way.”

Though friends and family have helped her grow her business in some ways, Triano has accomplished almost everything on her own. She says, “I like it because it’s an easy outlet to distance myself from stress and everything going on in the world. Now, I am really connected to the food pantry and I still love to bake.”

Finley Triano has watched her sister grow over the years as well as the effect her help has on others. “I am so incredibly proud of her, she has dedicated so much time to helping others and the fact that she does it voluntarily really inspires me.”

All this time and effort she has put into helping others has not gone unnoticed. George to the Rescue is a human interest/home renovation series that showcases the power of community. Triano says, “In June, a show called George to the Rescue came and they saw the work I was doing and wanted to advertise that and redid my room for me.” 

The show gave her the opportunity to meet with Christina Tosi, founder and CEO of Milk Bar, and bake with her as well as get to know her journey as an entrepreneur. 

Triano does not plan on stopping anytime soon, and her friends and family know she will do big things in the future. She says, “My goals are to keep them up for as long as I can. I hope that as I get older I can continue to make my charity bigger.”

Whether the donations are small or big, Triano continues to leave an everlasting impact on her community. Jenna Triano says, “She works so hard to put everything together and it all becomes worth it when she sees how big of an impact something as small as a cookie can have on someone’s life.”


Episode of George to the Rescue featuring Triano by NBC

Food Pantry:

435 Main Street, Paterson, NJ