Homecoming Hero


Gavin Freda

The Kapr family reunites at Kinnelon High School.

It can be very hard for military families to celebrate the holidays without their loved ones near. They can often spend many days without communication, and the feeling of them not being there around the holidays can take a toll on both soldiers and their families alike.

At Kinnelon High School, a special surprise was prepared for military daughter, junior Madison Kapr. Her father, Sgt. William Kapr, has been part of the military since he was 17. He was stationed in Djibouti, Africa for 307 days. On Dec. 9, Sgt. Kapr visited his daughter at KHS during a choir rehearsal.

“I was very shocked,” said Madison. “I was singing one minute, and then I saw my dad right in front of me. I was so confused for a bit but then I finally realized that he was back.”

A big thanks to Principal Gary Suda and the rest of the KHS administration and staff who played a roll in orchestrating this heartwarming reunion.