Smoke Rise Farms to Relocate to West Milford Equestrian Center

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On Sep. 18, riders of the Smoke Rise Farms were informed of the barn’s closing; however, a relocation of the barn’s equine inhabitants will be taking place. The new home set to be for these four-legged creatures will be West Milford Equestrian Center, a beautiful multi-acre facility with four outdoor riding arenas, two indoor riding arenas, indoor and outdoor wash stalls, six tack rooms, miles of turnout paddocks and trails, and more.


A few of the many turn-out paddocks located at West Milford Equestrian Center. Photo by Camille Balo.

One of the main reasons for the closing of Smoke Rise Farms was the lack of an indoor riding arena, which allowed for consistent and adequate riding during the winter months. With the relocation to West Milford Equestrian Center, riding during snow, rain, or even hail would be possible with their two spacious and heated indoor riding arenas. The relocation will take place sometime before Nov. 1, as that is the date when all property and horses located in the barn will have to be removed.


For more information on West Milford Equestrian Center, visit:

For more information on Smoke Rise Farms, visit:

Main barn of West Milford Equestrian Center. Photo by Camille Balo.


West Milford Equestrian Center provides a serene and calming atmosphere for both horses and riders. Photo by Camille Balo.


Everywhere is a perfect place for horses to graze, even when not in paddocks! Photo by Camille Balo.

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