Yankees’ war with umpires



Boone yelling at umpire Joe West

Three ejections were issued to the New York Yankees in a game against the Cleveland Indians on Aug. 17.

The Yankees’ skipper, which is baseball’s version of a head coach, Aaron Boone received the first of these penalties after arguing a strikeout by outfielder Cameron Maybin with the umpire.

The home-plate umpire, Ben May, provided the first ejection. Brett Gardner, who was penalized for banging his baseball bat against the roof of the dugout, was the second to be ejected that day, and then C.C. Sabathia followed.

In an interview with the New York press, Cameron Maybin said, “I thought today he [May] continued to stare into the dugout and I didn’t think he needed to do that.”

On Sept. 21, Boone was again ejected by an umpire in a Yankees-Blue Jays game. This time, it was by umpiring veteran Joe West, even though Boone was arguing with home-plate umpire Jeremy Rehak. He was thrown out of the game due to arguing a strikeout of outfielder Giancarlo Stanton.

“Obviously, I was pretty animated and pretty upset with a couple of calls in the at-bat with Giancarlo and let [Rehak] know,’’ Boone said.

Boone did not apologize in a post-game press conference. The Yankees ended up winning the game against the Indians 6-5 and won versus the Blue Jays 7-2.

A pie graph showing what 11 KHS students think of the Yankees’ war with umpires.