Kinnelon’s 100th Anniversary Planning Underway

The Borough of Kinnelon will be turning 100 years old this year; here’s what you need to know for the upcoming celebration.


Photo Courtesy of Adrianne Feretti

The logo for Kinnelon’s 100th Anniversary Committee

With Kinnelon turning 100 years old in 2022, the 100th Anniversary Committee has been busy planning celebratory events for the residents of Kinnelon.  The events will start this spring and conclude in the fall. Melanie Shuckers, Head of the Kinnelon Recreation Dept, will serve as liaison between the 100th Anniversary Committee and the Town. Her primary duties will focus on coordination of volunteers, permit applications, and safety protocols. 

The kick-off celebration is slated for Saturday, May 21st to coincide with the birthday of the Borough of Kinnelon which is on May 22nd. This event will consist of a town-wide parade down Kinnelon Road, fun activities, a food truck festival, fireworks, and a gigantic birthday cake. The Committee also has plans to host concerts and movies under the stars this summer, as well as a carnival. The Kinnelon Historical Society is planning a party at the L’Ecole Museum which includes plans to bury a time capsule. The celebrations would conclude with KFEST 2022 which will feature kids games, food and craft vendors, fireworks, and musical entertainment. 

Adrianne Ferretti, 100th Anniversary Committee Member, launched a successful social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram promoting Kinnelon’s 100th birthday. Mrs. Ferretti is also coordinating a Volunteer of the Month program to recognize residents for their valuable contributions to our community. In addition, she hopes the Committee will move forward with plans to host a Roaring 20’s Party and family picnic at Lake Rickabear.

“Kinnelon is already an amazing tight knit community of dedicated and passionate families-this celebration will highlight a century of building the foundations that make Kinnelon the best borough in the State of New Jersey through public service, volunteerism and commerce,” said Ms.Shuckers.